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A House Divided - A Mega Maga Movie - Of

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"I can't wait to see this movie!!  I can't wait any longer!!" - Joel Schechter

"I've seen Mike's WalkAway videos, they're fantastic.  I have high expectations for this film!" - Tom M.

"Wow, a pro-America and pro-Trump movie??  What a treat!" - Anonymous


"I'm so excited to view this movie." - Your Friend, MADMAN

"Thank you for all your hard work and sharing the much needed truth with the American people, especially during this pivotal time in history! The common bond of the love for our country and the diversity of patriotic Americans is what makes America Great!! God bless!" - Kimberly

"Can't wait for this!!!!!" - Mary Phelps

"YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Can’t wait to watch it!! :)" - Emily Jordan

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"Thank you for all your hard work and sharing the much needed truth with the American people, especially during this pivotal time in history! The common bond of the love for our country and the diversity of patriotic Americans is what makes America Great!! God bless!" - Kimberly

"Amazing film!  Thank you for producing this eye-opening film.  I decided to #WalkAway this year and this film has reinforced my decision!” - Sheila Marie Glen

"…I just finished watching “A House Divided.”  Wow!!!!  I did not expect to have tears in my eyes, but I did and was so very moved.  It had such a powerful message and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  How brave of the Boss’s…" - Carissa's Friend

"This is an excellent movie.  I found the information to be interesting and enlightening.  Everyone should watch it.  The truth will set you free." - Iris Tompkins

"Oh, I watched the movie and at the end I teared up a little.  You guys have done such a great job with it.  It warmed my heart." - Elena Nicorici

"This movie has helped me to know things that I may not have known if I hadn’t been willing to watch.  It is well worth the very small price being paid to watch it…and all the information can be verified.  How much better can it get?" - I.T.

"My head's exploding  :)   I'm walking away..." - Roman Wyden

"Wow, what a breath of fresh air!!  This is a super patriotic movie that promotes Conservative values and is pro-America and pro-Trump!!  It's a dinner-table movie revolving about political discussions to which we can all relate to.  The dialogue is riveting and clever and every subject matter comes up i.e. "The wall" - "Voter ID" - "Abortion" - "Coronavirus" - "Police shootings" - "Global warming" - "Kaepernick" - "The left's racist past"  and "Trump."  I love this movie and I think it's a must-see for every American patriot!!  Also, I read somewhere that this film was shot in 2 1/2 days on a minuscule budget! - Bravo!!" - Movie Buff on Amazon

"It's a good tool for how to debate leftist family members.  Good job!" - Marie Kata Kimbe

"This is a huge achievement in filmmaking and a triumph for the creative human spirit!  What I admire most besides the fact that they pulled all this off in 2 1/2 days was to hear both sides of the mainstream media's stories and having them all backed up by studies and facts that are public and that any of us can look up (Library of Congress etc.)" - Roman Wyden

"Dude, you already had me laugh out loud before the opening credits!!  [If triggered, please visit a...] - LOL" - Marc Gruninger

"I want to say thank you for making this movie.  It was and is well put together and the arguments that were raised in it were on point.  I would encourage everyone to watch it and share with friends.  WWG1WGA!!! " - Andrew Rodriguez

"Good points made to counter the left's narrative of who Trump is." - Joy Allen Miller

"Just what all Leftwingers need to watch! Eye-opening and Educational - Bravo Mike and Jessica!" Patrizia Kilgore

"5 out of 5 stars - A House Divided 2020 - Some may call it propaganda, While others one sided, however it represents what we see within our country and even amongst friends the division which exists in America today. Anyone who would allow themselves to become angry or divisive actually reflects what we see everyday. It was finally refreshing to see someone dare to present a more complete picture than that of the media. It brought back memories of how the news so often, in an effort to depict a predetermined desired outcome will take “snippets” out of context and present a new narrative of “truth”. I would recommend A House Divided 2020 to anyone who is willing to be open minded." - Terina Kelso

"If you haven't had a chance to watch this movie, you are missing out!  Mike Boss did a fantastic job along with his wife and the rest of the crew produced a fantastic movie! It's the perfect movie for this time. This election will determine the future of our freedoms and this movie covers all the topics. Left and Right. Well worth the couple bucks to watch it. You wont be disappointed." - Jill Kuhn Satterfield

"Best movie of 2020, why, because we have ALL SAT DOWN at the SAME TABLE in the past.  We have all been there." - Melissa Giglio Bowers

"Just watched it tonight.  Debunks every argument the left uses!!" - Felecia Crider Schweigert

"I have watched it twice already.  Great material!!  This movie taught me a lot about how to debunk and interact with people, so THANK YOU!!" - Poole Angela

"Dude, you already had me laugh out loud before the opening credits!!  Haha... Love you, man." - Marc Gruninger

"Literally less than 20 minutes in, I felt like I had been there.. in this film, at this table, with these people. The characters are extremely relatable. We all know these people, every one of them. Not only is this film entertaining but also very informative. Fact check every statistic given, every point made. The truth is out there, you just have to care enough and be brave enough to find it. Just for clarity's sake, I consider myself a fiscal conservative but a moral libertarian. I have zero hate for people on either side, but for those on the left I do have a lot of empathy. I grew up in an abusive, single parent, total victim mentality, democratic household, although I've never been a democrat or a liberal myself. I have that empathy though, because I have been lied to. I do know what it is like to be mislead and used and betrayed by people you trusted and honestly, it hurts my heart to see that happening to so many of my fellow Americans. Thank you to everyone involved in the making of A House Divided. Thank you for showing so much truth, for exposing so many lies, for showing how we the people can have a civil discourse, how it is possible for friends to discuss these issues with minimal anger and hurt feelings." - Mona MacLaren

"If you are a Trump supporter or someone who is just looking for some truth in a world where the news is "opinion expressed as fact", (or just fake altogether) then this is the movie for you. This movie dissects what has been reported in the news and then provides documentation of what the actual facts are. A couple of examples are the truth behind the report of Trump "mocking" a special needs person and another example were his actual statements about Charlottesville. There's ALWAYS two sides to the story. I plan to watch again and take notes." - SMC

"Debunks all the MSM lies and exposes the truth!!  This movie is excellent for anyone trying to decipher between the truth and lies we hear and see on the MSM networks. If you are unsure about which way to vote, this is a must see. This will debunk any of the false information you have heard and give you the truth, which is hard find even with all of the technology at our fingerprints. Excellent movie!!" - Felecia S.

"Must see!!  It was like sitting down for dinner with friends. The message was strong, but not offensive. Share with everyone. Mike and his beautiful wife did a great job." - Sarah

"The counter info to the MSM lies is well presented here in an orderly fashion. It's heavy handed but hey, they only had 1.5 hours to debunk years of lies. Since it's becoming increasingly difficult for fair minded people to do their research on the Internet due to algorithms hiding conservative data (yes, it's absolutely true and becoming more obvious by the day), this movie is a huge help in that way. It goes through virtually item by item and addresses what the liberal media said Trump said or did and shows original material to debunk the lies. This movie, along with the banned video Out of the Shadows are essential viewing to understand what is happening behind the scenes. Will liberals be willing to give up their emotions and drama in order to look squarely at the facts? I doubt it, but this is an excellent effort." - MN

"Watched it the first time by myself.  Watched it again with my boyfriend, which wasn’t too thrilled because it’s political, BUT absolutely loved it.  Couldn’t stop laughing that it’s all the talking points we have with our liberal friends. Two Thumbs" - Sandy Branch

"Just bought and watched it... FANTASTIC movie! You guys did good! I'm happy to support anything you produce. 2.5 days of filming, well, I'm totally impressed!!!!" - Deena Russo Perillo

"This movie is awesome ! I watched it a few days ago — it has all the FACTS you wished you had at your fingertips when face to face with a liberal making false claims ( from MSM ) about Trump" - Camera Bonsack

"I just watched it. Great movie with impressive details about the Democrat Party & Trump. I will share it on Parler & Twitter (if it lets me)." - Nan Horton Stacy

"Absolutely loved the movie. My kids were glued to the tv. A lesson in not believing the MSM" - Gabi Hewitt-Vosloo

"It’s a great movie!! Researched really well (love the recordings) - So if you have a friend that’s not totally brainwashed yet this is a very educational master piece!  Mike, thank you for all the great work you do and I’ll keep on sharing!"  - Esther Brunner

"The message is that we can all come together. We just have to open our eyes and see the truth. This was an amazing film about four couples talking during a dinner party about how and why we need to Make America Great Again. I loved it and was surprised at some of the information I did not know. It makes you think and have hope for our country that we may finally come together and enjoy this great nation.- Lexi

"Great!  Grab a notepad and pen cause this is a movie worth taking notes on." - J. Verlanic

"This was an amazing movie!!  I rarely spend money on a movie unless I’m going to the theatre, but I happily purchased this movie just to watch it. - Leslie Ann Miller

"Purchased and watched you movie too, Excellent! Great way you presented all the facts in a dinner setting. Brought a tear to my eye after Brandon spoke to your guests and people realized they can learn and change and how your friendship is really the most important. Great job Mike and Jessica!" - Shelley Weisickle

"Today is a snow day, and my 14 year old daughter and I rented and watched it this afternoon. We both loved it! Not surprised that the D'Souzas did as well. It's very well done!  - Melissa Weaver