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"My head is exploding!  I'm walking away!" - Roman Wyden


"This is an excellent movie.  I found the information to be interesting and enlightening.  Everyone should watch it.  The truth will set you free." - Iris Tompkins


"Wow!!!!  I did not expect to have tears in my eyes but I did and was so very moved.  It had such a powerful message and I couldn't believe what I was watching.  How brave of the Boss's!" - C.K.


"Amazing film!  Thank you for producing this eye opening film.  I decided to #WalkAway this year, and this film has reinforced my decision! - Sheila Glen


"It's a good tool for how to debate leftist family members.  Good job!" - Marie Kimbe


"I want to say thank you for making this movie.  It was and is well put together and the arguments that were raised in it were on point.  I would encourage everyone to watch it and share with friends.  WWG1WGA!!! " - Andrew Rodriguez


"Good points made to counter the left's narrative of who Trump is." - Joy Allen Miller

A HOUSE DIVIDED - A Mega Maga Movie